How Batman Would Defeat Each Member Of The Avengers

8. Black Widow

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Marvel Comics

For decades, the characters of Marvel Comics and DC Comics have been continuously compared. And where it comes to Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff has so often been compared to DC's Lady Shiva.

On the surface, Widow and Shiva are two badass female assassins who can kill a person in numerous ways, and all in the blink of an eye.

Diving a little deeper, and there are notable differences between these characters. For Shiva, she edges it as the better hand-to-hand fighter, with her mastering of multiple martial arts going in her favour. But where Natasha is concerned, Widow has a better catalogue of gadgets and tools up her sleeve.

Famously, Lady Shiva is one of those rare characters to actually get the better of Batman in a fight, with her knowledge of different fighting styles being even more extensive than the Dark Knight's.

Using his Shiva battles as a measuring stick, Batman would be able to beat Black Widow in a straight-up fight, while one would imagine that Bruce would also have more than enough gadgets to nullify any tricks that Natasha had up her sleeve.

If we're talking a longer game chase scenario, Widow's methods of stealth and disguise can come into play. But then, Bruce himself has been known to employ similar techniques himself - hey, Matches Malone! - and the mixture of his tracking tech and the smarts that have labelled Wayne the World's Greatest Detective, means that any stealth-based situation usually tends to go in his favour.

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