How Batman Would Defeat Every Spider-Man Villain

Batman has a famous rogues gallery, but how would the hero handle the worst foes of Spider-Man?

Batman Green Goblin
DC Comics/Marvel Comics

On the surface, Batman and Spider-Man are very different heroes. Batman is a sombre and determined man who spent years training his body to fight crime. He learned most of the world’s martial arts and fighting styles. Bruce is terse, quiet, and guarded. Batman operates best in the dark and would prefer that the world thinks of him as a myth.

Spider-Man is a younger, seemingly happier man who received his powers from a freak spider bite as a teen. Peter constantly uses humor as a defense mechanism to keep opponents and friends off guard. Spider-Man thrives in the public eye. Peter makes his money making sure that Spidey is seen being heroic. But if you look deeper, you’ll see two brilliant men with incredible scientific minds that were pushed toward heroism by the tragedy in their lives.

Another similarity is that both heroes have eclectic rogues galleries. They both have had to deal with gangsters and thugs, seemingly untouchable crime bosses, costumed and super-powered bad guys, and actual monsters.

It’s interesting to imagine what would happen when you pull someone like the Dark Knight from a completely different universe and put him in harm's way in Spider-Man’s world.

15. Black Cat

Batman Green Goblin
Marvel Comics

Felicia Hardy was the daughter of a world-renowned cat burglar who was trained by his mentor, the White Fox. She initially donned the persona of the Black Cat to break her father out of prison when she encountered Spider-Man, who she quickly became infatuated with. Drawn into his world of super-heroics, she wanted powers to make her his equal. The procedure gave her an aura of “bad luck”. Her relationship with Spider-Man has waxed and waned as has her status as a hero or a villain.

With his years of experience dealing with his own cat-themed female of shifting morality, one would think that Black Cat would be easy for Batman to deal with. It’s important to remember that Felicia’s speed, strength, agility, and reflexes are all at Olympic levels and are augmented by her costume to near-superhuman levels.

The biggest problem dealing with Black Cat is not her skills or her claws but her Tychokinesis, or bad luck powers. This power directly effects the probability within her line of sight, causing unlikely, improbable, but not impossible things to happen. The only way for Batman to combat this is to do the unexpected and hope to catch the Cat by surprise.


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