Hyperion to Publish Romantic Novels Starring Marvel Superheroes

she hulk rogue Marvel have announced in Publishers Weekly that they have licenced two of their characters, She-Hulk and Rogue, to Hyperion Books to feature in their own prose novels in the genre of women€™s fiction. €œThe She-Hulk Diaries€ by Marta Acosta will feature Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk as she balances her work life as a lawyer and big, green superhero with a love life, while €œRogue Touch€ by Christine Woodward will feature Rogue of the X-Men as she navigates around the fact that her touch literally puts men into comas! The move could be to address the dominance of men that make up the readership of superhero comics and attract women to the Marvel Universe through a more familiar and accessible channel. Both titles are scheduled to appear in print and e-book editions this June. As comics readers, are you interested in reading romance novels featuring comics characters, and are She-Hulk and Rogue the best choices for women€™s fiction? Is it condescending to women if books which feature complex and sophisticated women are only concerned with them finding love and happiness? Is that really their only concern or are Marvel/Hyperion bang on and that€™s what all women want - meeting Mr Right? What other cross-over fiction could Marvel produce? A gritty crime novel featuring Frank Castle, the Punisher? An experimental literary piece a la William Burroughs with Doctor Strange? A pop-science book with Hank McCoy/Beast? A €œmemoir€ by Tony Stark of his alcoholic days like James Frey€™s €œA Million Little Pieces€? A comedic novel by Spider-man with accompanying photos by Peter Parker?

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