Jonathan Hickman's X-Men: 5 Reasons To Be Excited

Get ready for the next era of Marvel's Mutants.

Marvel Comics

This is it.

After a few years of languishing in a cycle of okay books, with the odd gem sticking out of the pile, the X-Men are finally receiving a long overdue relaunch, helmed by the brilliant Jonathan Hickman.

The writer has had many iconic runs at Marvel, having helmed the biggest titles the House of Ideas has to offer from the Avengers to the Fantastic Four. His works are grand in scale and almost always leave a huge impact on the entirety of the Marvel universe, whether that be by redefining what has come before, or introducing concepts that send ripples through the superhero-filled world that can be felt for years after.

While the idea of Marvel doing yet another relaunch, even if it may be only for a section of their books, may seem tiring, Hickman's upcoming stint on X-Men is one that you should make sure to keep an eye on. It promises big things, and while there's still plenty to love about Marvel's current crop of X-Books, this new series promises to restore Marvel's mutants to their rightful place in the Marvel Universe, front and centre alongside the Avengers.

It's not difficult to get excited, but here are a few reminders why you should be anyway...


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