Justice League: 10 Most Emotional Moments

9. The City Of Tomorrow And The Man Of Yesterday

Barry allen remembers wally west
DC Comics

The Injustice universe is a bleak place. An alternate timeline where Superman kills the Joker and decides to become an authoritarian dictator of the world, it is no stranger to emotional moments. One of the most subtly heartbreaking however, happens in Year 1: Chapter 30.

The issue begins six years prior to the events of the comic, and you follow a 12 year old boy named James who is riding his bike. He explains on this particular day, he hit a rock and fell off his bike. As he is lying on the ground, Superman appears to ask if he is alright. From here, we watch as the two spend some time together. Superman attempts to help him fix his broken front wheel, but accidentally breaks it even more. He offers the young man a ride home, choosing to take flight.

It's a heartwarming and simple insight into what makes the character of Superman so iconic - a stark contrast to the villain he would eventually become.

The issue ends six years later, our narrator James now a student at Gotham University. He watches on TV as the man he once knew commits daily acts of violence and suppression. As he gets up to leave, he looks at the broken wheel from his bicycle on a wall next to a poster of superman, commenting that "I miss the city of tomorrow... And the man of yesterday." A sobering realization of just how far Superman has fallen.


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