Marvel: 10 Alternate Universes That Deserve To Be Onscreen

Who doesn't love a good multiverse?

Marvel Comics

For franchises like Marvel and DC, there's something endlessly appealing about a world where writers can make big decisions for characters without having to deal with the fallout of changing the entire universe, or even (as fanfiction writers often do) taking beloved characters and transplanting them in strange and fresh new environments to see how they might fit.

DC has already been bringing their Elsewords onto the small screen, and Marvel isn't far behind, with their recently announced What If series coming to Disney's streaming service. Though there's not much known about the project beyond the title and its corresponding comics incarnation, there are a good number of other worlds Marvel has to offer that would make for an amazing viewing experience.

This list may not be complete, since Marvel's other worlds are conceptually near infinite, and dozens if not hundreds of them have made a splash in the comics world, but it does bring to the fore some of the ones that, in particular, would be intriguing and fun to watch.

10. Spider-Girl's Universe (MC2)

Marvel Comics

This particular universe is carried by the strength of its lead, and Mayday Parker certainly brings a lot to the table as both a main character and a hero, with her family dynamics with parents Peter Parker and MJ Watson (now Parker) and her own personality making for exciting and fun adventures, with a likeable protagonist and a deep love for the world she lives in.

She's already appeared in other crossovers, with the comics crossover of Spider-Island coming to mind, as well as rumours that she would be showing up for the planned all-female Spider-verse crossover in the future, but it'd be nice to go back to her roots.

Mayday lived a relatively normal life until she got her powers, with her father retired from the superhero life after a grievous injury. Her story was very similar to Peter's, but different in that she excels in school, is popular and pretty and athletic and well-loved, and ostensibly has to give up more than her social pariah father to fight crime while in high school.

Exploring this world would be rewarding for longtime Spider-Fans, and Mayday is a fantastic character that deserves the attention of newer audiences.


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