Marvel: 10 Alternate Universes That Deserve To Be Onscreen

9. Steve Rogers As Iron Man (Bullet Points)

Marvel Comics

One of the reasons Marvel's What If? series is so popular is that it presents answers to some of the most fascinating questions, in comic form, such as:

What if Steve Rogers wasn't Captain America? What if, instead, he was Iron Man?

Bullet Points presents a sickly Steve Rogers as a soldier wishing to fight for his country, but instead of giving him an experimental serum, this story puts him in a suit of armour. One that is, horrifyingly, grafted to his body.

In this universe, Earth-70105, Abraham Erskine is killed before the serum can be used, so Rogers is shifted to Project Iron Man. He isn't frozen in ice in this world, and continues to serve until retirement, before being forced back into the suit to fight this world's Hulk - a more disaffected Peter Parker.

This world can only operate in a What If because of how depressing it is overall: Rogers's Iron Man is killed in his fight with the Hulk, Reed Richards is the only survivor of the "Fantastic Four" after their ship crash, and many of the main characters die when Galactus tries to devour Earth.

It'd be interesting to see play out onscreen, regardless.


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