Marvel Comics Introduces Sinister Version Of Aunt May

Forget baking cookies and knitting sweaters, this Aunt May is out for blood!

Spider-Verse #2 May Parker Carnage
Marvel Comics

How do you turn Peter Parker’s beloved old Aunt May into a terrifying force of nature? Marvel Comics’ ongoing Spider-Verse series has the answer to that particular question.

Be warned, there are spoilers ahead for Spider-Verse #2.

From Ryan North, Pere Perez, Jordi Tarragona Garcia and Marte Gracia, the Spider-Verse title has seen Miles Morales traversing the multiverse of Marvel realms as he finds himself helping out the varying Spider-Heroes of these alternate realities.

In Spider-Verse #2, Miles ends up meeting Spider-Ma’am. A version of May Parker who was bitten by a radioactive spider and developed her own web-tastic superpowers, Spider-Ma’am and her husband Ben are two of their city’s main protectors.

Unfortunately for Spider-Ma’am, she herself is visited by some other beings from another world in the form of yet another alternative version of May Parker. And not just any version of May, for this visitor is pure evil.

Yes, Aunt May has an evil otherworldly doppelganger. In fact, the whole Parker clan of this alternate reality is evil.

While Ben Parker is a brawling, bloodthirsty nihilist and Peter Parker uses his genius science mind for villainous schemes, May Parker goes one better - as this version of May has bonded with the Carnage symbiote.

This May and Carnage hybrid is on a mission across the multiverse to kill off all other versions of Aunt May.

Spider-Verse #2 Spider-Ma'am Carnage Aunt May Parker
Marvel Comics

To date, this represents the most cruel and twisted version of May Parker that comic book fans have ever seen. And things get even worse when the same reality’s evil incarnation of Miles Morales turns up to assist the nefarious Parker trio.

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