MCU Phase 4: 10 Obscure Comic Villains Who Should Appear

A new phase means new faces..

Morbius The Living Vampire
Marvel Comics

A decade has passed since Iron Man graced our screens as the debut entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and since that breakthrough we’ve seen dozens of villains crushed by Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

The arrival of Avengers: Infinity War heralded the coming of Thanos, the harbinger of death on a cosmic level and undoubtedly the biggest evil Steve Rogers and his motley crew have faced on screen thus far.

But not every Marvel film can feature a Thanos. Not every villain can be so intimidating and bring that same sense that half the galaxy is soon to meet its doom, because if every villain was that terrifying, nobody would be.

Marvel Studios have commanded previous successes despite casting main villains who, while powerful in some cases, aren't exactly obvious picks, including the Vulture, Whiplash, Malekith and Aldrich Killian, to name a few. And while that could work again, there's no reason why they couldn't use a mix of villains who are household names and some slightly more surprising choices.

There are certainly more than enough options in the Marvel vault to offer some compelling new additions to the MCU's Rogues' Gallery, that's for certain.

10. Michael Korvac

Morbius The Living Vampire
Marvel Comics

If you thought Ultron was the ultimate manifestation of cyber-technological evil in the modern day, wait until you get a load of Michael Korvac, who goes by the slightly cooler “Korvac” for short.

The empowered Korvac travelled back through time aided by his ability to mimic and absorb powers even on a cosmic scale, fittingly brought to space justice by the Guardians of the Galaxy, his arch nemeses.

This is a guy who once achieved God-level powers from digesting the analysis he scanned from beings like Galactus and The Grandmaster, so if anyone was wondering how Marvel top Thanos after this dust settles, this might be their guy.

It's been suggested the multiverse could come to play a part in the MCU - Benedict Cumberbatch even hinted as much in Thor: Ragnarok's bonus features - and that would be a stage on which Korvac could shine. Beyond the Guardians, he can rival the Avengers and makes sense as a lurking threat to existence spun over the course of an entire saga, much like Thanos has in Phases One to Three.

Matthew McConaughey is the man to play Korvac, primarily because this time-travelling traitor-to-his-race is a human, and therefore needs to portray emotion at the same time as also seeming detached from it. Think a slightly more charismatic Roy Batty, with some of what McConaughey brought as The Dark Tower's Man in Black.

Ideal Casting: Matthew McConaughey

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