New Spider-Man PS4 Tie-In Comic Expands Game's Story

Ghost, new suits, and video games - what more could you want?

Spider Man Velocity
Marvel Comics

With the Marvel announcement of Spider-Man: Velocity being released this August, it's clear the PS4 Spiderverse is about to see some serious comic exploration. The comic features the Velocity suit - which some sharp-eyed viewers may recognise as one of the unlockable suits from the game universe, available through either pre-order, or by reaching level 33.

Velocity Suit

The Velocity suit in-game increases the speed of Spider-Man, allowing him to use his momentum as a weapon, which should make for some seriously dynamic fights within the comic itself. This said, the potential for sweet hyperspeed-based fights does raise some questions - most namely, what exactly leads Peter to create the new suit in the first place.

The current Marvel release promises not only to answer these questions, but also involve two interesting side plots; one involving MJ meeting Ben Ulrich, and another involving Peter meeting a poltergeist, which is likely a reference to his ghost encounter in the Troubled Water photo mission.

Given that the gamerverse Spider-Man has been received so positively, the comic series serves as a clever way to further expand the universe before any potential sequel arises. While the actual quality of the comic won't be known until August, if it's anything like it's videogame forefather, Velocity is sure to do well.

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