Spider-Man: 10 Alternate Spider-Verse Stories Fans Must Read

Into the Spider-Verse only scratched the surface.

Marvel Comics

As the most famous character Marvel ever put to print, Spider-Man has had a fascinating lifetime ever since appearing in that first issue of Amazing Fantasy. By far the most interesting niche since his creation, however, has been his alternate universe versions.

Even before the first Spider-Verse event established the spidey-multiverse - and long before Into the Spider-Verse Implanted it into the mainstream consciousness - Marvel has been coming up with all kinds of alternate takes on everyone's favorite web slinger. Not all of them have been successful, but those that have, have grown almost as popular as the Spider-man from which they all hail.

However, not every alternate interpretation of the character has managed to hit a home run. Some are forgettable, but True Believers are in the fortunate position of having witnessed dozens of great alternate reality web-slingers, the best of which are included in this list.

Some of these you may have heard of, some may be brand new to you, but they're all Spider-Man all the same, and they all understand that with great power, must also come great responsibility.

After all, anyone can wear the mask.


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