Spider-Man: 10 Greatest Spider-Verse Cameos So Far

The greatest (and weirdest) of your alternate friendly neighbour Spider-Men...

After a long and intense build-up, the latest event storyline in Dan Slott's epic, rollercoaster run on Marvel's main Spider-Man title commenced in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #9. With the first full tie-in title, Spider-Verse #1, released this week the story is now in full swing and is quickly picking up a strong head of steam. The effect of the prolonged build up through numerous introductory issues means that the actual event itself has managed to get started with an exciting cast of Spider-Men/Women/Animals from various Marvel universes. This in turn means that the whole story is likely to be fast-paced, exciting and full of spidery goodness. Pretty perfect for a Marvel event story, right? Based on Slott's previous Spidey work, it's reasonable to expect that the conclusion for this story will hinge on just what makes our beloved, original Peter Parker such a special hero. Contrary to the beliefs of numerous bloggers and commentators, Slott really loves Peter Parker and even managed to conclude the whole of his Superior Spider-Man story with a massive reminder of how truly unique Peter is. That being said, he and his creative team have a whole army of Spiders to play with, and many of them are likely to play numerous key roles along the way to Peter's ultimate success. So it makes sense to look back at the very best cameos so far... Spoilers for the events so far obviously follow, so do be careful.
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