Spider-Man: 10 Greatest Spider-Verse Cameos So Far

10. Spider-Man Noir (Peter Parker, Earth-90214)

In the Spider-Verse, Spider-Man: Noir is entered into the frame and embroiled in the struggle against The Inheritors in 'Edge of Spider-Verse:1'. He also appears in Superior 'Spider-Man: 32' alongside other allies of Otto Octavius' Spider-Man and helps lead the charge to rescue further companions in the following issue. Surprisingly, given his world's darker tone and background, this Peter is not one of the Spider-Men that Otto turns to when it becomes clear that the Spider-army may have to take the life of their pursuers and is temporarily pushed to the background before taking up his task in the pages of 'Spider-Verse: Team Up'. Though he's had limited interaction with other, familiar Spider-characters to this point, it will be interesting to see our Peter Parker's reaction to a version of himself that willingly carries a gun as a weapon; consider what Otto did in with a gun when controlling Peter's body and this is a potentially sore subject. His contact with Peter is likely to be fraught and tense, provided he can survive that long of course...
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