Spider-Man: 10 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn't Know About Miles Morales

9. His First Supervillain Was... The Kangaroo

Marvel Comics

For a new superhero to stand out, they must face an iconic foe upon their debut. In the X-Men's first appearance, they went head-to-head with Magneto. When The Avengers banded together for the firs time, they fought Thor's twisted step-brother, Loki.

When Miles Morales took on the mantle as the new Spider-Man, the first supervillain he faced was Frank Oliver, better known as the Kangaroo. Okay, as far as debuts go... that's pretty embarrassing.

One of the first things Miles says when he met this Crocodile Dundee-wannabe is "Why would someone call themselves the Kangaroo?". Despite his dumb name, Kangaroo is a fierce adversary. He's strong enough to lift a car, has heightened agility, and superhuman leaping abilities.

Although it was common knowledge that Peter Parker had passed away at this point, Kangaroo didn't understand that Miles was a different Spider-Man and kept asking how he's still alive. After dropping an automobile on the Aussie's head, Miles officially defeated his first supervillain.

Upon the Kangaroo's defeat, Miles hoped passerbys would applaud his heroics. Instead, they repeatedly pointed out that wearing Spider-Man's outfit is "in bad taste". So, as far as debuts go, Miles' wasn't great. But it was funny as hell.


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