Spider-Man's 10 Best Costumes Of All Time

With great power comes great opportunities to look fabulous.

While Spider-Man is best known for his iconic red and blue costume, he has also spent a considerable amount of time over the years dressed in different sets of attire for a variety of reasons. In some instances, Spider-Man has needed to technologically enhance his costume to stand a better chance against an adversary, and on other occasions, he stumbled upon his new duds purely by accident. And that'€™s not even taking into account the times Marvel put Spider-Man in a new suit just for the fun of it (not to mention the sales bump such editorial decisions often bring to a series).

In a promotional image used to market the Spider-centric miniseries and event, Spider-Verse, Spider-Man'€™s entire costumed history was put on display, including some of the more obscure outfits worn by Spideys from alternative Marvel timelines (Spider-Man India or Spider-Man Fairy Tales, anyone?).€

This list looks at the 10 best Spider-Man costumes (as featured in the Spider-Verse promotion) and ranks them based on their significance within the Spider-Man universe, and the broader world of comic book fandom.

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