Spider-Man's 10 Best Costumes Of All Time

10. The Amazing Bagman

Not a practical superhero costume by any stretch, writer Tom DeFalco and artist Ron Frenz managed to create one of comic book history'€™s greatest visual gags when Peter Parker was forced to become the Amazing Bagman. Peter acquires these inglorious duds in Amazing Spider-Man #258 when he visits the Fantastic Four in their Baxter Building headquarters to inquire about the strange new black costume that he had picked up in Marvel Secret Wars #8.

Upon studying the costume, Reed Richards determines it is an alien symbiote and that Spider-Man should get rid of it right away. Unfortunately, Spider-Man isn€™t prepared for such a scenario, and didn't pack a back-up costume. Because Spidey still cherishes his secret identity, Johnny Storm, ever the prankster, pulls an old Fantastic Four costume out of storage and provides Spidey with a paper bag to cover his face (a "kick me" sign on the back is the cherry on top).

On the way home, Spidey stops a crime as the new Amazing Bagman, proving he could still be a hero, even when he looks like a jerk. Despite being designed as a one-off joke, the costume has persevered.

The Amazing Bagman skin is an unlockable item in a few Spider-Man video games, and the get-up is still alive and well on the cosplay circuit.

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