Superman: His 20 Stupidest Powers

Because when a man can fire super-midgets from his hands, you know a shark's been jumped.

Superman has many amazing powers, including his incredible kissing ability. Wait... what? Oh yes, that is only the beginning of the crazy storm you are about to see here. For some reason the Superman writers used to come up with all manner of weird and wonderful abilities for Superman, all of which you're never going to see in the comics again... hopefully. In the post-Crisis world, especially after the creation of the World Wide Web, the writers simply can't get away with including such outlandish abilities anymore. Instead they stick to the standard powers and this is better for the stories and for general continuity. So speed, flight, invulnerability, strength, superbreath and heat vision €“ these you can expect from Superman these days without any mention of his uncanny knitting ability. So sit back and take a look as we run through 20 occasions when the writers have gifted Superman with a bonus ability €“ none of which make particular sense.

20. Super-Hunch

Let's start the list with a fairly normal power. Although as you'll soon see, it is quite typical for everything to be prefixed with "Super". There's no particular reason why Superman couldn't just have a normal hunch €“ but instead it has to be a "Super-Hunch". Naturally.

19. Super-Weaving

If Superman could simply weave quickly using his super speed then we could at least understand it. But to specifically have an ability which he refers to as Super-Weaving... well... how on Earth did he discover he had that? Does he still have it post-Crisis but the lack of access to weaving machines means he'll never find out?

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