Superman: His 20 Stupidest Powers

18. Super-Makeup

Hopefully it's Super-Makeup because he uses it to dress in Super-Drag. Who wouldn't want a drag queen Superman running around? This is the next best thing to Superman appearing in a L'Oreal advert exclaiming "because I'm worth it!"

17. Time-Travel

At least it is now apparent where the random time-travel scene from the end of the first Christopher Reeve Superman film came from. Mind you, we can't talk smack too much about this power since it resulted in such a darn fine film.

16. Super-Language Skills

Supposedly Superman's brilliant intellect allowed him to understand any language and memorise entire libraries. Shame he never seems to apply any of that, except to talk to fictional creations (oh, and fall madly in love with them).

15. Super-Memory

See €“ Super-Memory. Mind you, it's hard to bash such a power when it's exactly the same as Sherlock's mind palace and Benedict Cumberbatch's brilliance makes this not seem nearly so implausible.

14. Super-Kiss

While a Super-Kiss was seen at the end of Superman, it wasn't this particular one. Perhaps he still using this one €“ that might explain the Wonder Woman love match.

13. Super-Hypnosis

Of course if the Super-Kiss fails to attract the ladies then Superman can always go to his old back-up... Super-Hypnosis. Once again, perhaps this really explains the Wonder Woman relationship.

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