Superman: His 20 Stupidest Powers

12. Super-Intuition

Give Lois Lane some superpowers and take a lazy dab of writing and what do you get? A super powered version of good old "woman's intuition". Mind you, it's no sillier than Spider-Sense. Because if spiders had that ability then you would think they could learn to dodge newspapers.

11. Baking

While baking can't normally be considered a superpower (although if it is then Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry are apparently the greatest heroes of any generation) it can be if you proclaim that you bake super-cakes. Mind you, Superboy managed to forget the super-plates and the super-forks.

10. Telekinesis

While in another hero's hands, telekinesis is a serious and powerful superpower. But in Superman's hands it is used to send telegrams to an electric typewriter. Admittedly he does it across space which is quite impressive... but it just isn't Superman, is it?

9. Super-Broadcasting

Of course when he can't send a super-fax, then Superman can always suddenly and unexpectedly develop an ability to mentally transmit messages through the police radio network. Hopefully post-crisis they don't decide to have him send mental emails or something equally as stupid.

8. Super-Ventriloquism

Unfortunately this wasn't a minor power €“ Superman used his super-ventriloquism on a number of occasions, although not nearly as often as those which have come to be known as his standard set. But for a while there, this was in his normal repertoire.

7. Kryptonian Ultramedicine

Sure this isn't Superman specific, but instead his father €“ but since when would a medical knowledge of an alien race easily translate to humans? Besides which, don't you have to be registered as a medical practitioner or anything €“ even in Kansas?

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