The Greatest Batman Story Never Told

6. Batman War Games

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Over the following months and years, Commissioner Atkins would discover that a city like Gotham needs a Batman, whether he is willing to admit it or not. Likewise, Bruce Wayne discovers that his job is much easier to do if he has at least the tolerance of the GCPD, if not their approval. The two men work together successfully, if begrudgingly, until Tim Drake steps down as Robin.

In Tim's absence, Batman briefly appoints Stephanie Brown ,The Spoiler, to the role of Robin. Almost as quickly as he approves her, he fires her. Stephanie steals the Dark Knight's plan to unite all of Gotham's underworld behind Batman's hand-picked leader, Orpheus. She tries and fails to enact the War Games plan, resulting in an all-out war between the cities various criminal factions.

After Commissioner Atkins rejects his initial request, Batman forcibly takes command of the GCPD to bring an end to the crisis with disastrous consequences. After Black Mask subverts Batman's plan, the violence in Gotham escalates, with many officers, criminals and civilians losing their lives. Amongst the carnage, Atkins declares all vigilantes’ criminals and orders his men to shoot them on sight.

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