The Joker: 10 Most Famous Comic Book Origins Ranked Worst To Best

The Joker has no fixed origin meaning he could be anything or anyone...

DC Comics

The Joker is arguably the most psychotic character in comic book history. Forget Carange, forget Harvey Dent, forget Legion. It is Batman’s biggest foe who often leaves readers stunned and scared as he concocts evil schemes to establish crazy and insanity across Gotham City, incurring the wrath of Batman along the way.

And what makes him so interesting is that, unlike the majority of comic book characters, the Joker has no specific origin story. To some, he was a stand-up comedian who got bored of performing to rude audiences so decided to turn to crime. Others prefer to think of him as somebody turned wrong by a rough upbringing where he suffered abuse at the hands of family members and people he trusted. And, to the really ambitious, he’s not even one man, instead a trio operating in secrecy and bringing Gotham to its knees.

With a character as complex and mesmerising as the Joker, some origin stories are bound to be more impressive than others. Whether it be the comedian, rough upbringing or trio line you choose to believe, you deserve to know the endless possibilities out there.

And, once you do, you may see the Prince of Crime in a whole new light...


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