The Joker: 10 Most Famous Comic Book Origins Ranked Worst To Best

10. He Was Just Bored

DC Comics

There’s never been anything boring about the Joker. Whether it be his crazy personality, smile of insanity or unorthodox green hair, the Prince of Crime has always lived long in the memory and gathered quite a fanbase along the way. However, in the comic Lovers and Madmen, the Joker is given one of the worst origin stories because it turns out that his uniqueness as a villain stems from...boredom.

Mister J was a man called Jack and, bored from robbing banks, he begins to try Batman’s patience by pursuing the biggest and best heists out there. Yet Batman slices his face with a batarang and, when Jack falls into a vat of acid, he comes out looking completely different than he did before, with white pale skin and a big red smile transforming him into something far more fearsome.

Ranking Explained: While it’s kind of cool that the Joker’s tenancy to get bored would fuel his insanity, we don’t buy the clown ever getting bored. He is always able to keep things fresh and it is better and more true to the character to think that he was doing this even before he got his trademark name.


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