The Walking Dead: 15 Most Shocking Comics Moments

What were the most shocking moments from Robert Kirkman's comic?

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In most post-apocalyptic pieces of fiction, fans are invited to place themselves into the protagonist’s shoes, and it's fair to say that many believe they would survive and be just peachy. The Walking Dead leaves no one under any such illusion.

Instead, Robert Kirkman’s shocking gore-fest leaves fans emotionally and psychologically in tatters as they witness almost endless depravity and brutality befall the protagonists with frightening regularity.

While some of you may think the show adapted the darkest and most shocking moments of Kirkman’s comics, you would be mistaken. Some shocking moments have been altered, some have been watered down and others completely omitted.

It was a series almost completely built off the idea that no one was safe, and the fact it's continued to shock readers at nearly 200-issues-long is no easy feat. It's what's cemented the comic as being such an iconic part of the industry landscape for the last decade, aided in part by the monumental success of AMC's TV show, as well as Telltale's The Walking Dead video games.

There are MAJOR SPOILERS from now on, so if you're still reading Kirkman's comic and don't want any spoilers, best look away now...


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