The Walking Dead: 15 Most Shocking Comics Moments

14. Carl Loses An Eye

The Walking Dead Rick
Image Comics

The panel used to convey this moment shows a shocked Carl with a massive bullet hole where his eye was.

While most characters are shown to be expendable, there is a core group that you fool yourself in to believing are safe. When Carl was shot in the chaos of walkers invading Alexandria, fans were left on tender hooks wondering if Kirkman's evil world had finally taken Carl.

Carl survives and, like his father, is left irrevocably changed by losing his eye. Kirkman does such a fantastic job of creating moments that permanently alter his narratives and characters and shows iron grit and bravery to follow through with his decisions, regardless of what narrative difficulties they create.

Kirkman would never do ‘it was all a dream’. Instead, his writing is more like a protracted nightmare where things can - and do - only get worse.


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