Thor: Ranking Every Hammer Worst To Best

13. Marvel Zombies Hammer

Marvel Comics

One of the more interesting multiverse versions of Thor to show up in the Marvel multiverse recently has been as a member of the undead! Marvel Zombies gave the fans 'zombified' versions of their favorite characters, and Thor wasn't immune to the plague that took all of Earth's mightiest heroes.

Sadly, a zombified version of Thor couldn't lift Mjolnir... something about feasting on the flesh of the living made him slightly less Thor-worthy than his less-dead counterparts. For this reason, Thor opted to use another hammer that didn't restrict its use to a more fair-minded Thor.

To this end, Thor found himself a hammer that looked much like his beloved Mjolnir but had none of the magical enchantments that make it a killer weapon. To be fair, Thor could use a regular hammer from the hardware store to deadly effect, but it still won't come close in comparison to the real thing.

This was how it was when Marvel Zombies first appeared, but recently in Marvel Zombies Resurrection #1, the Zombie Thor is shown holding his mystical mallet! The very sight defies expectation and is yet another way the brilliant writers and artists of Marvel Comics enjoy messing with their fans.


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