Thor: Ranking Every Hammer Worst To Best

12. Earth-37072 - Medieval Hammer

Marvel Comics

In yet another multiverse, this one being Earth-37072, the Marvel Universe is stuck in the Middle Ages. In this reality, the world is controlled by a being who calls himself Kulan Gath, and not wanting to fail in impressing his visitors; he put the mighty Thor in as one of his guards.

This version of Thor looks a lot like a Viking instead of his usual Asgardian look from the comics, and in that way, he's more like the mythical version of Thor from Norse mythology. He carried a hammer named Mjolnir, which looks different from his Earth-616 hammer.

This version of Mjolnir has a spherical head instead of the more familiar rectangle. Its handle is longer and has patterns and multiple handholds along the shaft. In the comics, it functioned pretty much like the normal Mjolnir but was clearly not as powerful.

This was apparent when the Exiles made relatively short work of Medieval Thor. In combat, the Exiles wouldn't normally be able to take down Thor... at least, not easily or in a short period of time, but that's not what happened in Exiles #56 and #57, which are the issues containing Thor's first and last appearance in this reality.


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