Venom: 11 WTF Moments Not Used In The Film

"Weird" doesn't even BEGIN to cover it...

Marvel Comics

Venom, as a film, is an anomaly. Hated by critics and loved by nearly everyone else, it's a hot mess of a film that nobody thinks is perfect, but enjoyed regardless, for all its strangeness, its hilarity, its darkness and sheer, bloody fun.

This isn't much of a surprise to anyone who's read the comics, however. Venom has always been one of the strangest yet most appealing creatures of the Spider-Man mythos. Even beyond that, Venom has had such an influence over the entire Marvel Universe that it's been able to capture readers' attentions even without Spidey for years.

Venom has always held that appeal to fans who enjoy the darker, more sinister and graphic side of comics, but that doesn't mean the Symbiote and its many hosts haven't run the gamut of stories that are fun, funny, and purely enjoyable.

Venom has had its fair share of weird, dark, and sometimes unusually sweet moments over the years, and listing all of them would probably take up more than a couple of weeks. But for now, here are 11 of those weird moments, specifically those not used in the recent film, taken from multiple instances across the character's long and storied comics history.


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