Venom: 11 WTF Moments Not Used In The Film

11. Symbiote Dragon

Marvel Comics

One of the many strange versions of the Symbiote race, the Klyntar, the Grendel Symbiote was a group of multiple Symbiotes that came together in the shape of a dragon, in the early years of their race, serving under the control of the hungry "Symbiote God" Knull and devouring entire civilisations.

One of the Symbiotes in this Grendel conglomerate was known as Tyrannosaurus, who was eventually bonded to a human host, which it felt a strong enough connection to that, when he died, it took his place.

Rex Strickland was part of what was called a "Sym-Soldier" program, bonded with Tyrannosaurus. It admired his nobility, and though it failed to save his life, it was able to live as Rex Strickland for years after.

It eventually sought help from Flash Thompson's Agent Venom, instead meeting Eddie Brock's Venom, the two having been reunited. He recruited Venom into helping him save his Klyntar brethren, and the three fought against Knull and his influence together.

Apart from the giant Grendel Symbiotes (dragons) of yore, there was also a Symbiote Dinosaur in an alternate universe - specifically the notorious Old Man Logan universe - where the Venom Symbiote had bonded to a T-Rex from the Savage Land.


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