Venom 2: 10 Things You Need To Know About Shriek

Secret cults, superpowers and symbiotes - Venom 2 is looking promising.

Shriek Marvel
Marvel Comics

Despite her prominence in many of Spider-Man and Venom's most famous comic series, Frances Barrison - known perhaps better as the supervillain Shriek - still remains one of the more relatively obscure characters in Marvel's collection of criminals.

But with the reveal that Shriek will definitely be a part of Venom's sequel, it may finally be time for her to rise out of anonymity, and into the spotlight. And this would be more than well deserved, as Barrison is integral to so many amazing storylines, which makes it all the more confusing that she never became well known in the first place.

With the villain sure to place a key role in Venom 2, it's more than worth getting an insight into the character beforehand, as she has a rich comic history that may be left completely vague in the film.

Between making out with gross homicidal aliens, trying to adopt spider-children, and joining weird cults, there's a whole lot about Shriek that is worth knowing before the cinema release - especially if Venom 2 plays with the lore as much as the first film did.

10. She's Carnage's Love Interest

Shriek Marvel
Marvel Studios

With the first Venom film missing out on the infinite potential that the franchise has for incredibly gross symbiote make outs, it appears that Venom 2 decided to go all in, as the relationship between Carnage and Shriek is one that's sure to result in at least one weird scene of romance between the couple.

Although Carnage generally appears to consider the mutant with equal parts love and derision, Shriek clearly has some very strong romantic feelings towards the murderous alien, considering him the father of her little 'family' of evil symbiotes.

This all said, Carnage has been shown to have a soft spot for her, even breaking down at the end of Deadpool vs. Carnage when he thought Shriek was dead - which may mean that the pair's dysfunctional relationship is actually the key to Venom taking Carnage down.

On the plus side, it's at least way less likely to be romanticised than the relationship between the Joker and Harley Quinn.


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