Venom: 8 Most Powerful Symbiotes

Venom and Carnage are only the beginning.

Venom Planet of Symbiotes
Marvel Comics / Alex Garner

One of the most interesting races in the Marvel cosmology are the symbiotes.

Originally introduced as a means of explaining what the hell was the deal with Spidey's then new black suit and where it came from, these amorphous sentient goo monsters come in all shapes, sizes, and moralities, ranging from being pretty okay guys, to being some of the most monstrous creatures in the entire universe.

But of course, considering how powerful your average symbiote is, the question remains: which ones are the strongest?

There are the usual suspects, naturally, but recent years have shown there to be quite the stiff competition when it comes to who the most powerful symbiote is. Some of them are pretty puny as far as symbiotes go, while others - such as the ones on this list - are some of the heaviest hitters the house of ideas has ever created.

These are the strongest, the most versatile, or the most all around powerful symbiotes that the Marvel universe has shown us thus far.

8. Mania

Venom Planet of Symbiotes
Marvel Comics

So with all the trouble that Venom and the symbiotes like him get up to, I suppose it only makes sense that some idiotic capitalist would try to make their own version of Venom that they could control.

Well, maybe next time, Ararat, you won't name the destructive symbiote you create Mania.

Mania, which eventually bonded to a high school student named Andi Benton, of course ended up striking out on her own alongside fellow symbiote owner Flash Thompson. Being a near perfect clone of the venom symbiote, it would be kinda sad if Mania wasn't somewhere on this list. The reason she's so far down though is because, well, she's dead.

Now, she literally just died last month, as of this writing, so no way of knowing how long this will last, but she isn't exactly the most popular character out there, so it could potentially be a hot minute before we see her again. Which, sadly, costs her a few points on this list.


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