Venom: Everything You Need To Know About Absolute Carnage

Carnage comes home this summer, but what do you need to know about this symbiote slugfest?

Marvel Comics/Ryan Stegman

The Marvel Universe might still be reeling from the effects of Malekith’s invasion, but they’re about to face something a lot more… murderous. Yes, even more deadly than an army of frost and fire giants.

Absolute Carnage was announced recently at C2E2, with Venom collaborators Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman at the helm, with a release date of August. The event will centre on Cletus Kasady and his new life goal to murder anyone and everyone to ever wear a symbiote, which, thanks to Venomized, is just about everyone with super-powers on the whole damn planet. Sure, ‘murder anyone and everyone’ is Carnage’s traditional schtick, but it’s his newfound religion that is really fuelling his comeback.

So far, the event has been teased to feature connections to almost every Venom/Carnage storyline ever and has been heavily foreshadowed in the current Cates & Stegman Venom run.

In fact, those who have not read the current Venom run, and are going into Absolute Carnage only knowing the traditional versions of these characters may have many questions going in. Who is this Knull guy? What’s with the swirly face patterns? Why is Eddie dragging a kid around?

Here’s everything you need to know about Absolute Carnage, and a few predictions on the horrors Carnage’s comeback might bring to the Marvel Universe…


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