Venom: Everything You Need To Know About Absolute Carnage

9. The Secret History Of The Klyntar

Marvel Comics

At the heart of Absolute Carnage is the species known as the Klyntar. Affectionately (or non-affectionately if you prefer not to be melded with alien slime creatures) known as Symbiotes, these guys have caused untold damage turning people into dribbling gooey homicidal maniacs. Or have they?

In a recent Guardians of the Galaxy story, it was revealed by the Klyntar's goals are less murder-murder kill-kill but more along the lines of creating the ultimate protectors for the galaxy, but are corrupted by their host's strong emotions, explaining why the newborn symbiote that attached to Cletus Kasady instantly went mad when it was exposed to his more stabby disposition.

While attached to their host, the Klyntar are known to leave traces of themselves on the host, permanently marking them. Furthermore, Klyntar are likely to become less powerful and more erratic when disconnected from the hive mind, which is seen in Venom's more cannibalistic early days.

The Klyntar being benevolent and simply seeking protectors is a nice story, but they left out a detail that casts a long shadow of doubt on their word. Knull.


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