What Happened To Every Spider-Man Clone?

The ultimate fates of the most important products of the Clone Saga.

Scarlet Spider
Marvel Comics

Man, the Clone Saga was a train wreck, wasn't it? In other news, 3D Sonic games rarely please everyone, Marvel movies often have distinct similarities that keep some from really standing out, and some other third thing that - despite being true - people are understandably really sick of hearing.

And despite the fact that Marvel writers all agreed with this consensus before the saga was even close to being over, clones have sadly become a still-recurring fixture of the Spidey mythos to this day. But you're probably wondering what ultimately happened to the original players of that infamous saga back in the mid-'90s.

Well, to go through EVERY clone that showed up during that saga would take forever. Instead, this list will go over the most notable, important or just interesting clones that popped up during and after the saga's conclusion, how they showed up, and what ultimately happened to them.

7. Guardian

Scarlet Spider
Marvel Comics

In case you're still understandably fuzzy on how this whole mess began, you can blame pretty much all of it on one dude named The Jackal, a truly next level simp who dedicated his life to destroying Spider-Man for the crime of not being able to save Gwen Stacy. And he chose to do this via making a whole bunch of clones for... some reason.

But of course, when you make multiple clones of the same guy, it's easy to get bored. As such, Jackal made some... edits to make each clone stand out. The simplest of these, hence why we're starting with him, was The Guardian.

The Guardian was one of the first clones made, which is to say that he was deeply flawed. Cursed with rapid cellular generation, Jackal had to lock him in stasis for later use, otherwise he would die within hours. Such an occasion came when Jackal needed Spidey and Ben Reilly occupied for a few minutes, letting the near mindless behemoth out to play. Soon afterward, of course, Guardian died, his own body giving out on him.

Not the most interesting of the clones by a country mile, but his hulk-like appearance and abilities made for a fun fight scene if nothing else.

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