What Happened To Every Spider-Man Clone?

6. Jack

Scarlet Spider
Marvel Comics

A slightly more interesting clone from this part of the saga was Jack, The Jackal's righthand man. Guess that confirms that The Jackal doesn't abide by nicknames in his workplace because "Jack" is the only place you can go with Jackal so it would just end up confusing everyone.

Anywho, Jack - like Guardian, with whom he shared a close friendship - was a very early clone of Peter, more of a testing phase than anything meant to be concrete. While much more stable than Guardian, that didn't save him from just gradually deteriorating over time.

He did get Spidey's powers, though, so that's a plus. But not much of one, as they were one of the first things to go when his body began giving out on him. He found a nice comfy niche as Jackal's right hand man thanks to him keeping Peter's immense scientific intellect. But by the time Peter and Ben found him shortly after the death of Guardian, Jack was well on his way out as well.

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