What Happened To Every Version Of The Hulk?

What's the deal with Joe Fixit anyway?

Marvel Comics

As a man who has theoretically limitless alternate personalities, tracking the personal stories of each of Bruce Banner's various Hulk forms is a task that, if done on pen and paper, would make you look like the craziest conspiracy nut of all time.

With all these various personas coming and going, Banner ends up being a one-man soap opera, and if you don't follow it religiously, it'll leave you scratching your head and wondering when on earth the Mindless Hulk and Doc Green - two different Hulk personalities - showed up.

While nothing is better than the classic Hulk, there's something special about learning all the weird and wild forms the Hulk has held in the main Marvel universe - sort of like collecting Pokémon cards, only all the Pokémon are replaced by incredibly colourful buff men.

With each Hulk variant having their own personalities, their own different powers, and their own separate storylines, each version of the Hulk also has its own unique point of interest; even if that point of interest is just trying to figure out exactly how the Compound Hulk got melded together in the first place.

Regardless of why you're into comics, there's bound to be a Hulk out there for you.


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