What Happened To Every Version Of The Hulk?

16. Savage Hulk

Marvel Comics

When people think of the Hulk, the Savage Hulk tends to be the version they are thinking about; an aggressive, monosyllabic rage machine that is the product of Bruce Banner's repressed childhood trauma.

Introduced in the first issue of The Incredible Hulk, the beast served to create Marvel's equivalent of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, with Banner desperately trying everything to restrain his uncontrollable alter ego.

But this situation wouldn't remain permanent, as over time, the figure of the Hulk would become more reasonable and willing to work with Bruce, not against him. As such, it appears a (somewhat) tamed version of the Savage Hulk is the main Hulk we see today - although it's never been made explicitly clear, so the 'one true Hulk' still remains a mystery.


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