What Happened To Everyone Who Joined The Guardians Of The Galaxy?

29. Star Lord (Peter Quill)

Guardians of the Galaxy Thing
Marvel Comics

It may surprise you to know that Star Lord wouldn't even be ON the team, let alone its leader, until the Dan Abnett and Keith Giffen era of the team set after the Marvel cosmic event Annihilation. But that doesn't mean there weren't still changes made to the characters when they were brought to the screen. With that said, let's talk about Star Lord.

Star Lord was actually introduced nowhere near Guardians, instead getting his own black and white comic written by Steve Engleheart. But to make a long story short, after the event Annihilation, Star Lord was bumped up to a more prominent role in Marvel cosmic due to being a major player in that storyline. As such, Dan Abnett, Keith Giffen, and Andy Lanning adopted him into their reboot of Guardians of the Galaxy alongside a new team, many of whom you'll likely recognize.

A lot about Star Lord was different from the movie version years later that we're more familiar with, but after the movie landed, the character was given a soft reboot to more resemble his film counterpart.


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