What Happened To Everyone Who Wore A Symbiote?

Venom really gets around.

Marvel Comics

With countless people now having donned the Venom symbiote, it can get more than a little confusing tracking exactly who had the alien creature at what time.

Start trying to think about Venom's alien babies - such as Carnage - and the whole thing gets even more complex, leaving you feeling like some kind of conspiracy theorist for trying to follow it at all.

But this complexity is exactly why it's worth following the trail of exactly who wore the suit and when, as it can really help you understand why Venom has the personality it does.

The creature is influenced by the host it's joined with and the ones who came prior, and more importantly, there are a lot of people who have joined with the symbiote that you wouldn't expect. Learning the likes of the Fantastic Four and Red Hulk have bonded with Venom makes all the characters involved seem infinitely more interesting.

It can be a tricky timeline for the Klyntar aliens, but one that is more than worth tracing - even if only to wonder in amazement at just how many people have worn the symbiote at some point in its lifetime.


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