What Happened To Everyone Who Wore A Symbiote?

19. Deadpool

Venom character
Marvel Comics

While most would expect Peter or Eddie to be the first human host of the Venom symbiote, the true holder of this title belongs to none other than the Merc with a Mouth, which may go a significant way to explain why the alien creature is the way that it is.

Deadpool would discover the abandoned symbiote in the Battleworld, and would adopt the clothing-based critter before realising that his new garments were in fact sentient.

Hilariously, the mercenary's concerns were not about his own safety, but that of Venom's - as he grew concerned that the alien would be affected by Deadpool's unstable mind and take on his negative characteristics.

And these concerns appear to be accurate, as some of the more worrying qualities the symbiote possesses seem just as likely to have come from the world's most loveable anti-hero as the Klyntar's own violent nature.

Deadpool's life is now pronouncedly separate from the symbiote, but the traces of the creature still remain within his bloodstream, meaning that anyone trying to hunt down the creature is likely to battle the mercenary at some point.


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