What Happened To Everyone Who Wore Iron Man's Armour?

It's not just Tony Stark...

Tony Stark, better known to the general public as Iron Man, is one of Marvel's most successful characters, and with that in mind it may actually surprise a few fans to learn that the publisher have messed with that formula over the years.

Though Stark is synonymous with his superhero alter-ego, he isn't the only one to have assumed the identity. In fact, over a dozen other comic book characters have suited up in Iron Man's armour, with several even going on to foster their own superhero career with an armour of their own.

If there's one thing we've learned over the years, it's that Stark is nothing if not generous. He's been more than willing to outfit his allies with armour when the situation arises, and though that hasn't always worked to his benefit, it's understandable that he's managed to create a network of friends who've stepped into his shoes when the need arises.

At the opposite end of the scale, however, are those who got their hands on Iron Man armour through surreptitious means. There are even those that have managed to create their own armours without the help of Stark, while some have gone on to redefine the weapon altogether.

It's an exclusive club, but that only makes those who have worn the armour - and what became of them - so interesting to look at.

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