What Happened To Everyone Who Wore Iron Man's Armour?

12. Tony Stark

Iron Man Tony Stark
Marvel Comics

The most obvious person to have wielded the Iron Man armour is none other than Tony Stark himself. The genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist created the first Iron Man suit in a cave with a box of scraps, and then proceeded to take the arms industry head on by building more with the full resources of his company behind him.

As one can probably gather from the fact Tony isn't the only one to have assumed the Iron Man identity, he hasn't exactly had an easy ride as a superhero. He's struggled with alcoholism, industrial espionage and even his fellow superheroes, but he's come through it all to emerge today as one of the most recognisable figures in the comics medium.

That's no small feat, and while Tony has donned a whopping 40 suits (at least) in mainstream Marvel continuity, the one with that trademark red and gold hue is still his most recognisable.

Currently, after experiencing difficulty with two Civil Wars, a Dark Reign and a misguided business venture where he primarily existed as an AI, Tony is back where he belongs with the Avengers. Whether that remains to be the case on the big screen, however, is far less likely.

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