Which Joker Said These Quotes?

Which movie Joker said it? Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson, Joaquin Phoenix, Cesar Romero, Jared Leto.

DC Comics

One of the greatest villains in pop culture history is the Joker of DC Comics fame. An utterly chilling, sinister, maniacal and outright insane rogue, the Clown Prince of Crime has long been the biggest thorn in Batman’s side.

Of course, the Jester of Genocide hasn’t just been confined to comic book pages, mind, for the Joker has been brought to live in live-action and animation, both on the big screen and small screen, has featured in numerous video games, is present in several audio Batman tales, and is somebody who sells ridiculous amounts of merchandise to rival some of comics’ most popular heroes.

When it comes to those live-action outings for Mr J – special praise to Cesar Romero – the character has most famously been served up by Jack Nicholson in Tim Burton’s Batman, by an Oscar-winning Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight, by Jared Leto in Suicide Squad (and soon Zack Snyder’s Justice League), and most recently by Joaquin Phoenix in a performance that also received an Academy Award.

But let's not forget that Cesar Romero paved the way with the original tv series incarnation that led to Batman: The Movie and that DC fans find Mark Hamill's portrayal in the animated tv shows and movies as being so authentic to the character.

Six iterations of the Joker, all sharing similarities yet all utterly unique. Think you know the difference between these Jokers? Here’s hoping, for this devilishly delightful quiz is all about remembering which version of the Harlequin of Hate said which particular line of dialogue.

1. What Doesn't Kill You, Simply Makes You Stranger!


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