Why Miguel O'Hara Is Marvel's Most Important Hispanic Character

6. His Staying Power

Spider Man 2099
Marvel Comics

Despite not being as well-known to some modern Spider-Man fans as he deserves to be, Miguel O'Hara is a character who has enjoyed a fair bit of longevity since his debut nearly three decades ago.

In fact, Miggy is arguably the most enduring character of Marvel's 2099 lineup, maintaining a respectable amount of relevance long after the imprint itself came to an end and characters like Ravage 2099 and Doom 2099 fell by the wayside.

For starters, it was in the mid 2000s that an alternate version of Miguel became a bona fide member of the dimension-hopping Exiles.

A few years after that, the Spider-Man of tomorrow was given more to do in Marvel's main Earth-616 continuity, coming back in a big way during the Superior Spider-Man run, which was due in large part to demand from the character's diehard fans.

This set the stage for a new Spider-Man 2099 series in 2014, which ran for 12 issues and tied into the now iconic Spider-Verse event. The title was relaunched yet again in 2015, this time running for 25 issues and setting Miguel on a brand-new, culturally-aware adventure, which also saw him get involved in the major Civil War II event.

All of this is important to note because some modern day detractors have attempted to dismiss Marvel's push for diversity as a passing fad. However, Miguel, a prominent character of Mexican descent, was not only a major player way back in the early nineties, but has proven that while he may not always be at the forefront of Marvel's product, he's definitely here to stay.


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