X-Men: What Happened To Everyone Who Became The Phoenix?

If you thought that only Jean Grey had been the Phoenix, then think again.

Marvel Comics

When Marvel gave the world the original Phoenix Saga in 1976 little did anyone know that the entity itself would still be going strong some forty-three years later.

Really finding its feet during 1980's 'Dark Phoenix Saga', it would start out by causing the death of Jean Grey before eventually finding its way into a myriad of different hosts.

Since then it has possessed gods, magicians, Iron Fists, as well as a mutant or ten along the way. But each time it has found a new body to inhabit, it has always ended the same - with the character defeated and the Phoenix Force forced to move on.

This leads to a somewhat obvious question - what became of all those poor souls who have become the Phoenix? The answer to which is a simple "Nothing good". Some went mad, some died, some vanished off the face of the planet and - bar a couple of exceptions - most of the hosts were never the same again.

The Phoenix is one of the Marvel universe's most destructive and powerful entities. It only makes sense, then, that the lives it touched were changed forever...


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