10 Cancelled Horror Movies That Could Have Been Legendary

The chillers that could have been...

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Horror, more than any other genre in entertainment, is not scared of turning on the taps when it finds a winning formula at the box office. From sequels, prequels, reboots and remakes, there is an entire army of films that have arguably only being released because they've guaranteed media attention and plenty of money from a franchise's loyal fans.

That isn't to say every horror film based on a franchise is terrible of course, however with the big series' such as Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street or Halloween, there's a clear pattern that as a saga goes on, the quality begins to drop and the initial impact of the film's once terrifying origins are left as a little more than a fond memory.

What makes this reality all the more infuriating for horror fans is the fact that far too often genuinely interesting scripts are left by the wayside in order to make room for these releases. Whether it be through budgeting reasons, or creative differences between what a writer has envisioned and the direction a studio wants to go in, here's 10 cancelled horror movies that would have been brilliant to watch.

10. David Cronenberg's Frankenstein

John Carpenter Firestarter
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Ever since the '60s, David Cronenberg has pushed the limits of all things entertainment, regularly shocking audiences with his over-the-top and gory body horror movies. From Videodrome to The Fly, he's established himself as one of Hollywood's most audacious and daring personalities, but also has quite the record for being looked over for some of the most successful films ever made, such as Return of the Jedi and American Psycho.

Once the face of it, marrying Cronenberg, the master of body horror, with a franchise like Frankenstein looks to be an absolute no-brainer. All looked to be on the cards when 'David Cronenberg's Frankenstein' appeared splattered across an advert in Variety sometime in the 1980s, with producer Pierre David approaching Cronenberg for his approval.

In Cronenberg's own words, the film would have been more of a reboot of Mary Shelley's original story, featuring a far more sympathetic and human-like monster than what was portrayed in the gothic releases of the 1930s. It would have been really interesting to see a combination of stunning body horror and accurate source material come together, however the project never materialised and any other details surrounding it are hard to pin down.

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