10 Essential Disney Video Games For Hardcore Fans

Only the truest hardcore gamers who call themselves Disney fans have played them all!

Duck Tales

Disney has been making video games since 1981 when Nintendo R&D1 released Mickey Mouse for the Game & Watch. From those humble beginnings, games based on Disney properties have been pumped out in a near-continuous stream consisting of a wide range of titles on just about every gaming system ever created.

Unfortunately, when a company has hundreds of gaming products based on its most popular characters, odds are, they aren't all going to be blockbusters. As it happens, there are a ton of terrible Disney games, a fair amount of decent ones, and only a small number of games players absolutely loved.

In reality, it's no easy task to take a beloved character and import them into a medium that is different from the one they were created in, and when you add the fact that the game needs to be fun to play, the challenge becomes easy to see.

There has certainly been a fair share of poorly made Disney video games over the years, but these ten represent something different. Anyone who considers themselves to be both a die-hard gamer and uber Disney fan has probably played every one of these.

This list only includes Disney-created properties, so no Marvel, Fox, or Lucasfilm titles will be found!

10. QuackShot Starring Donald Duck

Duck Tales

QuackShot was released for the Sega Genesis back in 1991, and the game could best be described as a mash-up between an Indiana Jones adventure and Donald Duck. The game places everyone's favorite duck in the role of a globe-trotting adventurer on the search for his missing nephews.

Along the way, Donald must overcome a number of challenges that show up in the form of various monsters, puzzles, and traps. Donald is equipped with a special gun that shoots all manner of ammunition (except for bullets ⁠— this is a Disney game, after all).

The different types of ammunition work as a mechanic Donald uses to move from one area to the next, and it makes for a fun and exciting game. He has the ability to fire off everything from plungers and popcorn to bubble gum, and each type has its uses, which help to propel the plot.

When it was released, the game was widely praised for its impressive graphics, which arguably still stand up today. The music and puzzles were also praised, though some of the puzzles proved more difficult than others. QuackShot was included in the Sega Ages series in 1998 for the Sega Saturn.


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