10 More Terrible Extras Who Completely Ruined Their Scenes

10. Elvis Lives... Sort Of

Elvis Home Alone
20th Century Fox

This one harks back to a long-running internet rumour, which undoubtedly has very little basis in truth, unless you're a particularly big fan of conspiracy theories or urban legends, to the degree that normal logical thought completely escapes your brain when confronted with completely refutable evidence.

In John Candy's big Home Alone scene (which was shot with all of his screen time in one long 23 hour day,) in which he channels the spirit of his famous Planes, Traines & Automobiles character, it's almost impossible to ignore the striking looking man in the background behind careless mother Catherine O'Hara. Usually, you'd notice him, and the exchange would end there: he is an Extra after all, and that is his only job.

But that's not how the internet wants this scene to go down, and a particularly virulent rumour strain suggests that this man is none other than Elvis Presley. Rubbish! You cry outrage, and rightly so, but it's an almost impossible feat to watch this scene now and not scrutinise the bearded man's face for some sign that he is in fact The King walking among us once more. He isn't, but that doesn't stop the scene being ruined. Thanks, internet.

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