10 Movies Where The Hero Should've Died

3. Poe Dameron - Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars

When X-wing fighter pilot, Poe Dameron, appeared in The Force Awakens, he was an immediate fan-favourite. Thanks to Oscar Isaac's effortless swagger, impeccable line-delivery, and natural chemistry with his co-stars, viewers couldn't wait to see more of the Resistance soldier.

Sadly, a Star Destroyer blasts Poe's ship half an hour into the movie, causing the vessel to crash on the desert world of Jakku.

But an hour later, our heroes are rescued by Resistance fighters, led by none other than Poe. Not only were we happy to see Poe was still breathing, it meant he could play a part in the inevitable sequels and potential spin-offs.

Unfortunately, Poe is one of many characters in The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker that got the short end of the stick. Instead of playing a defining role in the overall plot, he's relegated to uninteresting side-plots, doling out forced one-liners. Isaac does the best he can with the material, but it's not enough to make him as memorable as he should be.

Because the filmmakers failed to devise an intriguing arc for Poe, it would've been better if he was killed off in The Force Awakens.


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