10 Truly Awful Video Game Movies Sonic Might Be Worse Than

Mario vs. Sonic... but not in the way you expect.


The new Sonic trailer is... not good, to say the least.

With Pokémon: Detective Pikachu shaping up to prove that video game movies don’t have to suck, Sonic The Hedgehog is hot on its heels to remind everyone that while they don’t have to, they usually do.

Though the horribly proportioned character model has got most people talking, it’s not just that which has fans worried. Gangsta’s Paradise on the soundtrack suggests the movie’s tone will be awful, none of the jokes land and the shot of incoming missiles makes Sonic look like Quicksilver but, y’know... worse.

Still, just because it’s bad doesn’t mean too much for a video game movie. To really matter, you have to be downright terrible.

Some are in the sweet spot of being bad enough that they become a guilty pleasure, while others make you want to rip your eyeballs out and throw them, and the movie - plus whatever screen you watched it on - into a compactor.

How exactly Sonic will be remembered remains to be seen, but if it’s as awful as it looks, it could even be worse than this lot...


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