11 Easter Eggs You Missed In The Detective Pikachu Trailer

From noodles to flowers, some of these tiny details in the Pokemon trailer are great!

Warner Bros.

The first Detective Pikachu trailer landed yesterday and it's blown everyone out of the water (you might say Hydro Pumped) by being unexpectedly great. Luckily, it seems the team behind it are very much Pokemon fans who are intent on treating the source material with the necessary reverence and respect.

When you look closer, at the tiny details, it's clear that there was a lot of love for the franchise put into this movie - we might really be in for something special.

So these are some of the smaller details that you might have missed in the Detective Pikachu trailer that could have some big implications for the plot, world and characters.


11. These Pokémon-themed Businesses

Warner Bros. Pictures

Everything in this world is based around Pokémon, and this is clear evidence. That's a Wooper head for "Day Dream", which could be a Pokémon Nursery like the Day Care in the games. Beneath it is Puff Palace, obviously a Jigglypuff reference, and beside that is a neon sign with a Goomy on it.

That green head is a Petilil, and to the right a Swirlix for "Swirlix Puffed", a neat little play on the fact that Swirlix evolves into Slurpuff. In the middle is a sign for Berry Universe, a nod to the fact that berries are the food you most often feed Pokémon in the games!


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